About us

At Rock Land Builders we build engineered post and beam buildings that embrace beauty, flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort.

We are your local experts at designing and building custom post and beam buildings built with the finest materials for durability, weather protection and energy conservation.

Building a custom post and beam building is exciting, but can be intimidating for some people. At Rock Land Builders, we get that.

Our company can take you from design to completion. Let us guide you through the process. 

We have an in-house design team that uses the latest technology, allowing us to fully customize our designs. Rock Land Builders is a custom building company that emphasizes personal taste, need, and comfort, as well as return on investment. These features remain paramount to a successful build.

Dedicated Craftsmen

You won’t find a crew more dedicated to their craft than the Rock Land crew. Our craftsmen have adapted their centuries-old craft to produce fine post & beam buildings that will make you proud. Call or stop by today so we can sit together and discuss your plans.

Engineered Buildings by Rock land builders